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mr. schadenfreude

ms_daisy_cutter in boycott_wbc

WBC protests Walt Whitman's sexuality, gets pwned

In the WaPo, via Towle Road (site per se may be NSFW): The WBC went to Bethesda, Md. last Friday to protest at Walt Whitman High School, named for the 19th-century poet with a great deal of homoeroticism in his works.
At the 2:10 p.m. dismissal, 500 students issued forth from the campus and lined up, several students deep, along the police tape, across Whittier Boulevard from the congregants. They alternately chanted the school name and "Go home!" — drowning out voices from across the street.

...It was the first taste of protest for many Whitman students, and perhaps the first time they had paid much mind to their namesake.

"This is my school, and this is where I live, and that makes it personal to me," said Maddie Oliver, 18, a senior. Along with others, she wore a blue T-shirt emblazoned with the Whitman passage "Let your soul stand cool and composed." Principal Alan Goodwin helped choose the slogan, hoping students would see its wisdom, he said.

Indeed, no one was injured, and no property was damaged.

...Susan Russell, 17, a junior, said she hoped the publicity would "highlight how ridiculous they are. I mean, that sign — 'You will eat your babies' — that doesn't even mean anything."

In other WBC news, Gossip Boy (again, via Towle Road) wonders if a recent blogpost by Fred means that they're planning to Jonestown themselves.
Westboro recently lost a massive lawsuit and are bordering on bankruptcy. Their protests have resulted in a backlash from parties well beyond gays and lesbians. Their dynamic leader Fred Phelps is in bad health and some claim near death. Now they want to end their mission and go be with God.

When a cult like this starts talking about the end, then it’s time to move in and get the children out.


Good for those students!

and yes, get those children outta there
It's time to move in and get the children out, regardless of if they're talking about the end. It's loooooong past overdue for that.
Hopefully the brainwashing on those kids can be reversed.

Now do I want to drive down to Cambridge today after I get out of work to counter-protest them?