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b&w maggie

ms_daisy_cutter in boycott_wbc

The Phelps-a-Thon

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School [Cambridge, Massachusetts] has one of the oldest gay-straight alliances in the country.

Fred Phelps is planning a protest there on March 13. You know who this is: it's the "God Hates Fags" monster from Kansas.

One could show up there and scream at him, but that's what he wants. Instead, the clever citizens of Cambridge have come up with a better idea. They're having a Phelps-a-thon to raise money for the GSA. They're soliciting donations, so every minute he's there, showing his signs to no-one, the GSA earns money.

There will be a sign in front of Phelps et al telling them how much money they are raising for the GSA.

The GSA will send them a thank-you card for the donation.

Go to the website. Make your pledge.


IKR? He's got to keep up obsessively with gay-related news. Much more than most openly gay men I know do. Kind of like how he thinks more about buttsecks than they do, too.