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militarypartner in boycott_wbc

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

One of the main arguments that the WBC and its leaders make is against the military's "allowance" of homosexuals to serve. Though it is technically permissible to serve in the military as a gay man or woman, no one can engage in "homosexual activity" - even if it's just holding hands, living together, or getting married on your own time.

In addition to wasting money and valuable talent, the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy makes it impossible for gay men and women to have healthy relationships, even with civilians. I know because my girlfriend is in the U.S. military, and we can't get married (or a domestic partnership, or any sort of legal connection), we can't adopt each other's kids (leaving them vulnerable to foster care if something should happen to their "official" parent), we can't even buy a house together for fear of tipping off her commanding officers.

President Obama has said that he is against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but so far there is no sign of the policy being repealed or replaced. There are a lot of "more important" things on his agenda, but that can change if enough of us raise our voices against this policy.

If you want to learn more about the ways we can work to repeal this policy, check out </a></b></a>repeal_dadt (a community I moderate). It's new and still under construction, because I can't access it from my home computer for fear of it being traced back to my girlfriend. I'd love to have more support in this!

Thanks for listening : )


Thanks for accepting it. It's not community membership I'm trying to advertise so much as awareness of how to get this repealed. The community is just there as a resource for ways to change this policy.