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boycott_wbc's Journal

Boycott The Westboro Baptist Church
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Boycott Westboro Baptist Church
This community is under construction. Please see the owner's LJ for questions.

Boycott the Westboro Baptist Church is a community for people to discuss all aspects of the WBC and the Phelps family, their websites, their Pickets, their agendas.

This community is VERY anti-WBC. While we encourage freedom of speech, blatant hate speech, homophobia, racism etc. will not be tolerated. While direct quotes from their fliers, their broadcasts and websites are always welcome, support of their causes will not be accepted.

We do not run on a 3 strike system. If you violate the LJ TOS or the rules here, you will be banned and you will not be welcomed back.

This community is not anti-religion or anti-God in any way. We believe in the freedom of religion and beliefs. We do not believe in hate-speech, homophobia, genderphobia, transphobia, etc. We welcome people from all walks of life, as long as you come here with the intention to positively contribute to the community.

If you agree with the WBC this is NOT the community for you.

The Rules

- There will be no hate speech used against the members, moderators and/or maintainers of this community.

- Threats of violence against any person (including, but not limited to the members of the WBC) will not be tolerated. Not only is it against the LiveJournal TOS, but it also goes against what this community hopes to accomplish, which is peaceful, non-violent protest.

- Long posts and images MUST be put behind a cut.

- Think before you post. Use spell check. Make sure to quote sources.

- We have no issue with debate here. When people get together, it is natural for there to be differences of opinion and belief. Please keep it civil, however.

- DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THIS COMMUNITY. That includes but is not limited to the home addresses or phone numbers of any member of the WBC, they're extended family, their employers, schools, etc.

- We do not encourage you to harass the WBC. If you do so, it is on your head alone. We will not take responsibility for your actions and we will state very clearly you do not represent this community.

- Please speak from your heart. While we do encourage all members to post relevant news reports and such to the community, we also care very much about the personal opinions of the members. Feel free to post personal stories, as long as they're relevant.

- This community is not for the sole intention of talking about the Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps family. You are free to talk about any and all relevant and related topics, including religion, politics, world events, glbt issues, etc. Please do not post off topic. That is what your own LJ is for.

- While we do not screen members, we do screen posts. Any post that does not fit the following guidelines will be rejected:

- If you are quoting a news article, you must include a link to your sources.
- All images should be placed under an LJ cut.
- Personal stories are fine, but keep them relevant. If you're wondering if your story is
relevant, please check the interests. If you're still unsure, ask a moderator.
- Always use tags on your posts (if you're unsure, tags are like keywords, such as WBC,
Fred Phelps, Boycott, etc that are related to and relevant to your post)
- Before you post, please check to see if what you're submitting has already been posted.
- No netspeak or excessive internet acronyms. We ask that you use full words and
utilize spell check.

- Listen to the moderators, please. If you are asked to stop a debate, do so immediately.



- If you are having issues with another poster, please contact the owner: midsummersnaught@hotmail.com. Do not allow it to escalate beyond a civil discussion.

- You can post as public or friends only at your own discretion.

These rules are not set in stone, they can be added to or edited at any time the maintainer sees fit.

If you're having any problems that aren't addressed in the LJ FAQ, feel free to email the owner of this community: midsummersnaught@hotmail.com

Again, this page is under construction.