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Viking Viv Shield

madwitch in boycott_wbc

Oh good.

This is why.

Now it seems that we do have at least one WBC member or sympathiser in the UK, as apparently their planned protest at Basingstoke ended up being one person and a significant counter-protest heckling them until they went away, so there might actually be someone there. Phelps and his daughter are still banned from entering the UK, you see.

I don't think work will let me leave early to laugh at idiots, though you never know. I may just try.


You should!

My boyfriend called me the other day while it was happening to let me know that WBC was protesting the office he works at in Massachusetts. A couple of his coworkers who went out to lunch were giving them grief as they drove by the picket. I almost drove out there, but they were packing up by the time I would have arrived.